LINBALL (Linux Pinball) - an open source pinball game


Linball (Linux Pinball) is an open source pinball simulation.
We are writting this video game for a contest and at least a Linux and Windows version will always be available to download.

Download (binaries)

Linux version
Windows version

Openmoko version (Linux version for Neo devices): opkg file (version 0.2)
Linball (Linux Pinball)


You can get the pre beta Source Code 0.x from here : linball.tar.gz

Art : linball_art.tar.gz


Linball menu Linball game Linball on Jornada


The binary versions should work out of the box. For the Linux version make sure that you have installed the latest version of SDL libraries (libsdl-gfx, libsdl-image, libsdl-mixer, libsdl-ttf, libsdl-x11 and libogg).
To play :
tar xvzf pinball-linux.tar.gz
cd pinball/
(or ./pinball -h for help, or ./pinball -f for fullscreen)

on Neo devices :
opkg install
(then press the game icon to play)

For the Windows one you don't need to install extra libraries since these are included in the linball_selfextracting.exe file. To play just run the exe file.

If you need to build the sources, download and unpack linball source tarball, change to the directory created and type

make all

You need unpack the linball art to be able to play after building.

Mailing List

Soon. For questions feel free to mail us


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